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Pangea Group performs professional services including Engineering and Surveying, Facility Construction, Civil Construction and Environmental Services for clients in the government, utility, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the continental United States.

Pangea has an incompetent and unorganaized upper managment, material to work with is not available on time, and there's a trust issue between office and field employees, according to a former employe at

"Most of the upper management are incompetent,unable to get material or equipment in a timely manner,in order to complete projects in a timely manner,they don't pay subcontractors in a timely manner,major trust issues between the office workers and those in the field,overall the upper management is very unorganized."


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Current Employee - Property Management says

"I have been working at Pangea Real Estate full-time Cons: Beware, know who you are going to work for before you sign on. Upper management has been exposed as racist in their dealings with employees. It is well known throughout the company who is responsible; however, the CEO had repeatedly denied very detailed claims which has further enabled an aggressive culture of racially driven managment style."

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time for more than a year Cons: Management, the cornball regional manager overall this company sucks and has terrible customer service"

Former Employee - Senior Visual Analyst (Graphic Designer) says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time for less than a year Cons: Zero work/life balance. If you're not a favorite you'll get disrespected, ignored and undermined. Promotions are given to favorites. I have witnessed some of my coworkers that have been there for years, take on more responsibility and receive no credit for their work while others that have been there for a shorter time receive promotions. Management will tell you what you want to hear but not follow through. Company culture is "work hard, get hammered." Management only cares about numbers. A few very entitled individuals constantly giving their opinion where it is not needed or appreciated but since they are favorites no one tells them to, for lack of a better saying, stay in their lane. I was constantly encouraged to smalltalk about my work as if that was the only way to receive value amongst my peers. The designer role and marketing team as a whole is not valued. Communication and organization is a big problem within the company. Emails are constantly left unanswered, ignored, or replied days later with attitude. There's a strange amount of "GREAT AMAZING AWESOME" reviews in June-July 2014 as if someone wanted to inflate the actual rating of this company... At least spread out the fake reviews."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time Cons: Very unprofessional environment and management definitely plays favorites."

Former Employee - Realtor says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time for more than a year Cons: Be very careful working with this company. Make sure you receive the commission agreement in writing. I did not receive my commission as scheduled until I made a report to the supervisor and human resources that I will file a claim through the state. Maintain record of all commission due because they will try to take credit for your assignments. When I finally received some of my commission, it was late and still reduced."


"I worked at Pangea Real Estate Cons: They only promote close friends for upper management, even if they lack the experience. Their HR department does not know how to deal with employee issues. They pay very low salaries compare to other companies"


"I worked at Pangea Real Estate Cons: Management is unprofessional and you have to go through a working interview while training. They do not let you know that. So even if you are doing well, you can be fired during that time."

Former Employee - Data Entry Specialist says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time for less than a year Cons: Too much micro management and they never communicate with each other. You will become over loaded with work from different departments while struggling to keep up with your own task while training another temporary employee. The temps never stay for very long so then you are back to square one. Eventually the management will make up lies about your work accusing you of not working consistently and get HR involved so you will have to defend yourself. You will find yourself getting backed into a corner then eventually fired for working hard, putting in extra hours, coming in early, completing extra projects, covering up for your boss while the other employees act and speak inappropriately and also cursing on the call center floor, people steal food constantly from the kitchen and vandalize company property and most of the call center employees are rude to the customers and need to be reprimanded."


"I worked at Pangea Real Estate Cons: needs to get rid of point system.. its wack"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Pangea Real Estate full-time Cons: Communication and organization is a big problem within the company. For this role, communication is key or it can count against you. A real estate company with lack of real estate in the office. The open space plan does not work when sharing an office with over 50 people in the call center. Lack of work and life balance when they have you work on weekends as an underwriter. They do not ask about food allergies when there are call center socials. There seems to be a lack of diversity in the HQ office and yet they are not willing to train the staff that want to work hard and move up from the call center."

Victoria Swift says

"Regarding Non-Service From: Zone 1 Office… ➢ The water was turned off in my building, and during the early morning hours for approximately 3-hours, on August 5th, 2020. I did not receive a 48, or 24 advance notice by email, text, or a simple notice taped to my door. ➢ On August 14, 2020: I place a request on Pangea’s Website, in need of a bulb change on the outside back-porch of my apartment. And on the 19th of August, a maintenance worker lied about servicing work order #1763871 for the light bulb change. Therefore, leaving me to replace another request on the 24th of August, 2020: New work order #1767012. ➢ It’s personal, rather than business/professional with Zone 1 office!"

Veronica Shaw says

"Finally was able to get ahold of someone regarding a property in western burbs. Young lady was very pleasant over the phone but she threw me for a complete loop. Talking about apartments are first come first serve sent me leasing application told me to send in my $25 security check processing fee. But scheduled my virtual tour two weeks from now. Ma’am you want me to fill out an application and send my money for a apartment sight unseen. After reading some of the comments here, yelp, and etc that’s not right this company taking people money and scheduling a virtual tour for weeks out. In my honest opinion is taking $25 application fees during COVID and don’t have any intentions on showing whatever property they claim to have available."

Tyrin Lamb says

"🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨READ ME DO NOT APPLY! They are stealing application fees. Me and my roommate submitted the proper stubs for the past 60 days and they said we were denied but couldn’t get out money back. Then they said we aren’t denied, but cannot be approved, which to me is a denial, right? Anyways, I requested a refund and they hung up on me. Making a complaint to BBB. It’s a shame your own black people out here robbing other black people during a pandemic, it’s sickening. - Ty Lamb"

Kierre Gillespie says

"Pangea is stealing application fees! I had a virtual viewing for an apartment, and I like the apartment. I explained to the realtor that my credit isn’t that good but Me and my girlfriend make more than enough to pay for rent! She said thats perfect so we paid a 50 dollar fee for the application. we was denied and They didn’t even tell us why! When I called I was told that they can’t tell me why I was denied! So basically they scammed us out of 50 dollars!!"

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